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Israel/Germany, 1998, 16mm, color, 68 minutes.
In Hebrew, Yiddish and Polish with English subtitles.
Director: Tzipi Reibenbach

Karola, Fruma, and Esther, the three sisters today.

This unusual and beautifully photographed documentary tells the story of three sisters in Israel, all of whom were in love with the same man in Poland, more than 50 years ago. Fruma won him, though he loved Esther, the youngest, most of all.

Today, the sisters take care of their ailing husbands and speak to each other on the telephone (in Yiddish, Polish and Hebrew), but they rarely meet. The pace of this verité documentary matches the pace of their daily life.

Director Tzipi Reibenbach takes a deeply personal and cathartic approach to a difficult subject: People whose youth was stolen by the Nazis are now approaching death. With humor and sensitivity, Reibenbach turns the camera on her two aunts, her mother and the skeletons in the family closet. The result is a delicate and powerful requiem for a culture that is slowly taking its leave.

1998 Berlin Film Festival