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Three Sisters

"Life has passed and we have achieved nothing" Thats's what Ester the youngest says. The eldest, Karola, keeps quite. Fruma, who is my mother, tries to write what she remembers. Three sisters in thier 70's, Holocaust survivors. More then 50 years have passed and still they can't talk of thier memories. This is a film about the trauma...

These people who have never lived the real life are now forced to deal with the weakness, lonlyness and anger of old age. In the presesnt looms the fear of death and feeling of having missed out. The Nazis stole not only their youth but also their ability to grow old in serene fulfilment.
Yitshak and the three sisters Three sisters, 1946 Director Tsipi Reibenbach,
and her mother Fruma
Three sisters, 1997
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